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Mar 4, 2024

Luke 4: 24-30

And Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in the prophet’s hometown. But the truth is, there were many widows in Israel in the time of Elijah, when the heaven was shut up three years and six months, and there was a severe famine over all the land; yet Elijah was sent to none of them except to a widow at Zarephath in Sidon. There were also many lepers in Israel in the time of the prophet Elisha, and none of them was cleansed except Naaman the Syrian.” When they heard this, all in the synagogue were filled with rage. They got up, drove him out of the town, and led him to the brow of the hill on which their town was built, so that they might hurl him off the cliff. But he passed through the midst of them and went on his way.

New Revised Standard Version, copyright 1989, by the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved. USCCB approved.

Mar 4, 2024

Outgrowing a Template

Sometimes in a small town (like Nazareth), people decide who you are when you’re young and are unwilling to allow you to change. They become resigned to a belief that your early accomplishments or sins define you, for better or worse, even as you grow into adulthood. They create a template for who they think you are that makes them feel comfortable.

In reality, we grow and evolve as human beings with every new experience and encounter. When we no longer conveniently “fit the template,” it makes others uncomfortable because they now have to question what they thought they knew.

Jesus asks us: Will we see him with new eyes? In his hometown he was a humble carpenter’s son and could not possibly be a prophet, king, and savior, but we know better. How will we let our perspective of who Jesus is be broadened and changed during this season of Lent?

—Kristy Parrish is the elementary school principal at Catholic Schools of Fairbanks in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Mar 4, 2024


Lord, open my eyes and widen my perspective so that I can see you more fully each day. Amen.

—Jesuit Prayer team

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